What’s the best way to set up a poker game set?

Playing poker is a fun and exciting hobby but not everyone likes to pay a visit to the casino. Perhaps you’d feel better catching up with friends in the comfort of your own home instead of being glued to the computer screen? Why not grab hold of some cheap poker chips and put together your very won poker game set. There are various poker chips for sale that you can choose from so the choice is actually quite easy – but it’s still worth having a good think about what poker accessories you want to buy before you head out to the shops. Check out what you need in order to be the perfect home poker game host!

Poker accessories – what to look for when selecting cards

As you may imagine, there are various types of cards available that you can purchase when you’re on the hunt for poker accessories. The ones that are especially designed for playing poker should have dimensions of 63x89mm.  Plastic cards are the best option when choosing your own desk because they will last longer than paper ones.

Poker cards also come in different price ranges – if you’re only in it for fun, there’s no problem in choosing the cheapest deck of cards. If you’re leaning towards a more professional game, it’s best to choose cards of high quality. Cheaper cards can easily have a few folds and creases on them after having played just a few times. So when you’re making your decision on what poker accessories to buy, especially when it comes to cards, keep in mind the fact that you might have to soon replace them.

Another good idea when you’re choosing your cards is to take a peek at their obverse. Elaborate patterns and pictures may look great at first but it’s probably wiser to stick to a deck that has simple and clear markings. Jumbo index cards are really popular with beginner and intermediate players because of their large markings, so it makes the poker gameplay easy and convenient.

It goes without saying that the front of the card is the most important but we can’t forget about the back – there are loads of companies out there that give you the option of a custom-made reverse. You can play around with your imagination and create any patterns or colors you like.  And here’s the best thing about it – compared to buying cheap poker chips, when choosing your own cards you can even put a photo on them! That’s how much flexibility there is with cards.

Poker chips for sale or custom-made

If you’re playing a one-off game with some friends at home, there’s no harm in making your own poker chips. Why not use matches instead of chips? It will save you your pocket money. However, if you’re planning to play poker on a regular basis, it will be a better idea to spend some more money and invest in a real set with proper poker accessories. 

You can find poker chips for sale in many shops and there are many types available. The difference between various poker chips is the material they are made from. Cheap poker chips are made of plastic – low in quality but very light in weight. The composite chips are a tad more on the expensive side and are much heavier and more comfortable to play with.  Ceramic chips are the ones that are used by the pros.  But you don’t need to opt for the ceramic ones straight away – if you’re just starting out, the plastic ones or medium-priced chips are enough to keep you satisfied in your game. Another option is to have chips custom-made but they will definitely cost you more.

When you see poker chips for sale and you’re making your decision on what poker accessories to buy, it’s important to think about the quantity.  100 chips is enough when you’re out to play poker for fun, but a set with 300 to 500 chips is the perfect choice for a multi-player game.

The Poker table

Last but not least in the world of poker accessories to make the game complete – the poker table. If you’re worried about your budget there are ways around this where you don’t necessarily have to buy a real poker table. When playing poker for fun, one alternative is to mount a temporary poker table onto your home table, or use a special poker cloth that covers it.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing your poker accessories and you’ll become the perfect poker home game host. But make sure you don’t forget about online poker games.  You can easily practice and improve your card skills by playing online and then when it comes to the real game, you’ll be shining like a diamond.