Texas Holdem rules and hands – 4 types of poker players

texas holdem rules and hands 4 types of poker players

All poker card games have a certain set of rules which players need to follow. And in the case of Texas Holdem rules and hands we’re really dealing with 4 types of players that make this card game so interesting.

Two types of criteria

Before we describe the four types of poker players, let’s start with the parameters that define them and their behaviour during the many poker card games played. Poker cards will be of great importance here which are related to the first criterion being taken into account when creating the types of players:

CRITERION A. – HIGH ACTIVITY IN CHALLENGES – Consists in checking the player’s participation frequency in hands:

  • Loose – a participant who takes part in many texas holdem poker hands,
  • Tight – a participant who takes part in a small handful of poker hands

CRITERION B. – LEADING THE BIDS – To paint a mental picture, this can be described as the following activity during the game whilst following Texas Holdem rules:

  • Passive – Participants who, irrespective of Texas Holdem winning hands, often fold, test their opponents, and their raises are small and used only when the passive player has a guaranteed victory,
  • Aggressive – these are players who, irrespective of Texas Holdem winning hands often overbid and are not afraid to bid astronomical amounts of money.

Four Texas Holdem ruling hands

With four types of players: LOOSE, TIGHT, PASSIVE and AGGRESSIVE, we can finally pick out the four most popular poker players.


No matter what Texas Holdem hands the player could have, whether it be one of the Texas Holdem winning hands or not, the loose aggressive’s tactics are active in each round with an aggressive raise. Contrary to appearances, this is a type of play that should only be for experienced enthusiasts. It requires a lot of concentration and observation of what is happening on the table. This allows the aggressive player to win even with opponents already holding Texas Holdem winning hands.


A Loose Passive player is one who participates often in the game. Unfortunately, his movements are limited to checking his opponents. He usually waits with delay, hoping that they’ll be able to compile a strong hand towards the end of the round, and even hopes to have a Texas Holdem winning hand.


What is important in texas holdem? Rules, hands and … emotions! That’s why a player of this type
This type of player takes part in few hands, but each of their moves is aggressive. They raise big amounts and it’s hard to decipher whether they’re bluffing or if they really have a Texas Holdem winning hand. It’s easy to get lost in the tactics used by a participant of this type.


This is a very interesting type of player and sometimes incredibly easy to decipher. A Tight Passive player participates in a small number of rounds, but all his moves are passive. If the player does not have a Texas Holdem winning hand and a strong hand on the table, he or she will pull out from the round. At the moment of changing the player’s tactics from passive to more aggressive, one may assume that he holds strong poker cards.