Body language in poker

body language in poker

Playing poker is primarily an excellent form of training to master and control emotions. These skills are not only useful when playing on poker websites, but also at work, school and in relationships with loved ones. It’s worth trying your hand at poker to see how much you can keep your nerves in check. Or maybe you will become a real master of this difficult art?

Before you buy a Texas Holdem poker set, invite friends or jump on poker websites – first you’ve got to get ready for the game! Before playing poker, check out the basic bluff techniques and what the opponent’s body language means. Even with something seemingly insignificant like covering your mouth can get you a lot of information about the competitor. Below you will find a handful of useful information about what to look for in fun poker games and how to read the body language of opponents.

  • Judge by appearance

    In the case of this game – something your parents taught you not to do in other situations – here, you should judge your opponent by their appearance. This can make it much easier to figure out your opponent. Clothing, hairstyles, special symbols, jewelry, watches, make-up – everything matters and acts as a testimony to their temperament. These signs may give you some suggestions as to the opponent’s behaviour in the game. With this information you can also draw conclusions when the game is played on poker websites with video.

  • Pay attention to your breathing: yours and your opponents’

    We’ve all experienced heavy breathing in a stressful situation, at least once in our lives. Poker can easily be one of those stressful moments. During a live game you’re constantly watching your opponents. The closer you sit, the easier it will be for you to notice any signs of a poor hand. A giveaway may simply be uneven, accelerated breathing, or a sudden hold of breath.

  • Read the gestures

    If you notice your opponent making an unusual gesture, such as covering their mouth with their hand or rubbing their temples, you may suspect that they have weak cards. Nevertheless, make sure you take control of your own gesticulation – during each game you should keep yourself composed even if you are just playing a simple Texas Holdem poker set at home with friends. You will also find it useful to use self control when you play on poker websites where you can take on virtual duels.

  • Keep watch of quick glances at chips or cards

    How should you play so that you win? All you have to do is watch the players when the cards are being dealt. If one of the opponents takes a quick look at the chips and then turns his eyes to another side (and he does not look at any of the other players) it may mean that he will want to raise the stake. And what if one of the players keeps looking at their cards? This behavior often happens in two situations: the player is a beginner (they haven’t yet acquired the skill of memorizing the cards) or his poker hand is very weak.

  • Control your own movements

    Covering up cards and showing your cards to others in a nervous manner is common for beginners and inexperienced players. Most often, it is an example of bragging about a strong hand when playing poker with friends. How do you take control of your own movements and gestures? All you need is a Texas Holdem poker set and regular gameplay with friends.

  • Even cigarette smoke can give you away

    Tobacco smoke adds special character to any poker game. Always observe the way players draw in the smoke. A player who slowly intakes large amounts of smoke into their lungs may be an indication that they have a strong hand. Fast cigarette movements – just like with previously described breathing – are a clear sign of nervousness and thus: uncertainty in the game.