Texas Hold 'em Poker: Keep Your Cool

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You have probably heard about the famous "Poker Face", the expression without emotion displayed by professionals in a poker game. And in fact, whether you win or lose depends to a great extent on whether you are cool-headed, or even whether you look like you are. If you think you meet this challenge, try your hand at the famous Texas poker.

Texas Hold 'em is known in almost every corner of the world. Whether it is a game in which millions of dollars are at stake, or it is being played during an everyday meeting of friends that is simply about having a good time, this form of poker has without a doubt become firmly established in our culture. Let's take a closer look, so that you too can achieve mastery.

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Texas Hold 'em and Ordinary Poker

What is the difference between Texas Hold 'em and the traditional version of poker? The differences really are very small, and if you have already started in poker, this variation will not pose any problem for you. In poker Texas Hold' em style, you hold in your hand two cards instead of five as in the basic version. On the table, five further cards are dealt. Players can fold (abstaining from further play), check (stay in the game while not raising the stake), or raise (bet more than the initial sum - players who want to remain must match this amount). Three cards are first dealt to onto the table, followed by another two.
In traditional five-card poker, each player has (as the name suggests) five cards in their hand. They can choose to get rid of a few of them (in some varieties, it is permitted to dispose of a maximum of three cards), in order to obtain a better result. Then the dealer deals the player as many cards as they discarded. In both forms of poker, the winner is the player who makes the best hand. makes us as many cards as we threw. In both forms of poker player who has the best combination. In addition, in five-card poker all players must bet a specific stake. The rules of Texas Hold 'em, in turn, oblige only two players to bet on a hand.

Texas Hold 'em Poker: How did it Start?

Theories abound about where and when poker was established. The first mention of poker in a book appeared in the first half of the 19th century. Some trace the origins of poker to the 15th century, tin he German game Pochen. There are also those who wade further back in the history, and see the origins of poker in ninth century China. With Texas Hold 'em there are no such problems. Even if we do not know the precise historical date, we do know for sure that the game was created in the 20th century, and that its birthplace was, as you have probably guessed, Texas. From then, it slowly gained a following among gamblers who were increasingly visiting Las Vegas.

The real boom in Hold 'em poker took place in 1969, when the world’s first tournament in this game took place in Las Vegas. In the 1970s, the poker World Series tournament began to be organised, becoming famous around the world.
Nowadays, the Texas Hold ‘em game is known virtually everywhere. You can play it in any casino, or try your hand at Texas Hold 'em online. Today, you can go to one of the many websites offering this form of entertainment, and start your adventure with this cult game.

Learn the Texas Hold 'em Rules Poker and Win Now!

The easiest way to learn the Texas Hold 'em poker rules is during a real game. Perhaps you have a friend who is already an aficionado of this form of entertainment and who will gladly play some preliminary hands with you. However, if you are not lucky enough to count a passionate poker player among your friends, you should refer to the written rules. In the beginning, implementing these rules in real life may be difficult, but after a while playing Texas Hold 'em they will become second nature.

However, let's start from scratch.

As already mentioned in the comparison of Texas Hold 'em to the five-card version, players are dealt two cards at the beginning of the game, and they alone know what they are. Using these, along with the five further cards that will be made available, you must create the best hand in order to win.

First, three cards are dealt onto the table. These are known as the “flop”. After this, players stay, call or fold, according to their decision. Next, a fourth card – known in poker vocabulary as the “turn” is dealt onto the table, after which players can bet again. The fifth card to be dealt is called the “river”. When all the cards are on the table, the players show their hands and the one with the best wins.

poker cards online playThere is no beating around the bush - to be a champion in Texas Hold ‘em poker, reading the rules to the game is, unfortunately, not enough. The key to success, as in any sport, is practice. You can bring your game to perfection, playing with friends or online, where high stakes are not required. It is important, however, to be wearing your "poker face", and not to give away to anyone what your cards are. If you can keep your opponents in the dark, your chances of winning will certainly increase. Of course, much depends on the cards, but the ability to deceive other players has saved the skin of many a professional poker player. So, in Texas Hold 'em, the rules alone are only a basis, to which you should bring artistry and flair. Interested? Start practicing now, and quickly gain the skills required. In the end, it's not only a good way to spend free time, but also a professional sport that exercises your mind, and in which you can win serious money.

The Art of the Good Bluff

The cards do not always fall as we would like, so it's good to know what to do in such a situation. If you are not going to fold, you have to bet on a bluff to get you off the hook.
There are two types of bluff:
• The pure bluff - when you have virtually no chance, but are playing anyway in the hope that other players are even less fortunate or that they fold.
• The semi-bluff - when your cards do not for the time being make a good hand, but you hope that the fourth and fifth cards will bring luck (for example, when you are missing one card of a certain suit).
The key to bluffing, just like the rest of the game of Texas Hold ‘em, is that you must under no circumstances display any emotion whatsoever. Play in exactly the same way with weak cards as you would when you have a full house. Some recommend placing a high bet during a bluff, in the hope that the other players will fold. However, this is very risky bearing in mind that an opponent may decide to play. Therefore, it is worth knowing who you are playing against. if we know that a certain player does not like to fold, you should refrain from bluffing. The trick is also to read your opponents; watch them during Texas Hold 'em poker and you may be able to determine whether their cards are strong or weak.

How to Play Texas Hold 'em: Tips Worth Knowing

Practise your poker face, because it is the key to success. If an opponent learns from your behaviour what cards you hold, it doesn’t matter how good your hand; it can end up with defeat for you, or a victory with a poor return for your cards when your opponent folds. We have already written on the bluff, so keep this in mind and remember that never showing any emotion is the key that will open the door to victory.

When you hold a very high value hand, do not get excited too quickly and put everything on the table. Start with a small bets. Allow the others to bet more gradually, so they will not be able to fold so easily at the end of the game. Play so that your cards will yield the highest winnings.

In poker, you have to take risk into account. You never know what card will appear as the last, and whether your opponent will win and snatch the prize from under your nose. If you play with friends for pennies, this is certainly nothing to worry about, but in a professional game with a lot of money at stake, a cool head is required from all.

Card Combinations in Texas Hold 'em

One of the first things you should do before playing Texas Hold 'em is learn the hands that can give you victory. In the beginning you will have in front of you a card explaining the different combinations, but over time this will cease to be needed and you will easily be able to put your knowledge of the cards into practice. It is worth practising with friends, on by playing on the internet. Texas Hold 'em online is a great way for beginners to acquire the skills of the game and learn the basic rules. Below, we present a summary of the combinations of cards in this poker game, listed from weakest to strongest:

• A high card - not really a combination, but can still be a winner if none of the players manage to form a hand in the game. In that case, the player with the card that of the highest value wins. So if there is no card on the table that you could use to create a good hand, but you have been dealt a king, perhaps you should not fold but count on serendipity.
• A pair - the lowest possible combination. This is two cards of the same value, for example 2 and 2. In the event that two players have pairs, the one with the highest value will win.
• Two pairs - when one player has two pairs of cards of the same value. For example, you have in your hand the Q and 3 of hearts, and the Q and 3 of clubs appear on the table. The winner is the player who has the highest pair. If two players have highest pairs of the same value, then the other, “worse” pair is decisive.poker chips
• Three of a kind - three cards of the same value.
• Straight - five cards in sequence (for example, 7, 8, 9, 10 and J). In a straight it is worth paying attention to the ace, which can be used in two ways: as the lowest card (before 2) and the highest (after the king).
• Flush - five cards of the same suit (for example, 2, Q, 7, 10, and K of hearts). If two players gain a flush, the winner is the one whose hand contains the highest card.
• Full house – when your five cards comprise one pair and one three of a kind (for example, 3, 3, Q, Q and Q). If two players have a full house, the winner is the one with the highest three of a kind. If both sets of three are of the same value, the pairs are compared.
• Four of a kind - four cards of the same value (for example, K, K, K and K). If two players have four of a kind, that with the highest value decides the winner.
• Straight flush – five cards of the same suit in numerical order (for example, 8,9,10, J and Q of hearts). The straight flush is extremely difficult to achieve, and it is rare that a player has precisely this combination. If you manage to make a royal flush (10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit), you can sit back in your seat, for you have nothing to fear from the other players.

In Texas Hold ‘em you will also come across the “kicker”. This occurs when players have exactly the same value combinations of cards (for example, when two of them each hold a four of a kind). In this case, you look at the card remaining in each player’s hand, in addition to their combination. When the kicker for both is one of the cards on the table, the pot is divided.

There are quite a few combinations in this game, but with regular practice you can easily learn them. Get around a poker table with friends today, and learn how to play like a real champion!

How do you set up a poker game set?

So you love to play poker for fun, but commuting to the casino wears you down? Do you prefer to meet with your friends in a chilled back atmosphere rather than staring at the computer screen? Maybe you’re not entirely convinced by bonuses such as free poker chips? It looks like you need to put together your own poker game set. Remember that free poker chips and cards are only available on the Internet, so you will have to shop seriously. See what you need to become a real poker tournament host!

What to pay attention to when choosing cards

There are many types of cards available on the market. Those designed for playing poker should have dimensions of 63x89 millimeters. When choosing a deck, remember that the one made of plastic will be much more durable than paper.
Poker cards are also available in various price ranges. If you only play poker for fun, the cheapest deck may seem like a great solution. However, after a few games you will notice the first traces of use on them. Folds and creases on the reverse can reveal to players what cards their opponents have. So when you decide on a cheap deck, be ready for the fact that you will soon have to replace it.
When choosing cards, look at their obverse. Elaborate graphics and complex patterns may seem encouraging at first glance, but it's better to choose a deck with clear markings. Cards from the jumbo index are very popular amongst players. Thanks to large and clear markings, playing them is very convenient.
Even though, for obvious reasons, the front of the card is more important, you should also consider the back of the card. There are many companies involved in the production and sale of cards with the reverse side designed by the buyer. You can choose the color yourself, add special text or graphics. Cards offer much more than custom poker chips - you can even put a photo on them!

Regular or custom - poker chips

Instead of using chips, you can use matches for one-time games with friends. However, if you intend to play regularly, it is better to invest in a ready-to-play set. This is a more costly option as free poker chips are only available on the Internet.
When buying chips, you'll be choosing from several types. Chips differ primarily with the material from which they are made. The cheapest chips are made of plastic – they are very light and low in quality. Composite chips are slightly more expensive. They are heavier and much more comfortable in gameplay. The most expensive type are ceramic chips that are used by professionals. However, if you want to play poker for fun, you'll need only medium-priced, or composite chips. You can also opt for custom poker chips. There are special companies that produce chips with patterns chosen by the client. Remember, however, that custom poker chips will cost more than traditional poker chips.
When you’re buying chips, think about their quantity too. When you want to play poker for fun, you may think that you only need 100 chips. However, for a multi-player game, a set with 300 to 500 chips will be better.

The Poker Table

The last thing you need for a real, compelling game is a poker table. It can be quite expensive and take up a lot of space in your home. However, if you want to play poker for fun, there are great substitutes for it. The first is a poker table that you can easily mount on a table in your home. Another even cheaper alternative is a poker cloth, which, like a tablecloth, covers your table.
Thanks to these few items, you can become the host of unforgettable poker games in the comfort of your own home. But don’t forget about online poker games. Thanks to free poker chips, you can improve your card skills online and then show them off in front of your friends whilst playing a fun poker home game.

The Pole Who Became a Poker Millionaire

In poker circles, he was known as the man from nowhere. In 2014, aged just 22, Dominik Pańka won at a prestigious poker tournament a staggering half a million dollars. On his way to the title, he outshone the 1,030 players who took part in the tournament. His opponents in the final, Mike McDonald and Isaac Baron, were favorites throughout the game, but thanks to Pańka’s phenomenal performance they had to settle that day for second and third place. Pańka’s victory earned him a record sum for a Pole in professional poker. He paid $700 to take part in the tournament, which compared with the amount that he won seems like peanuts. After his triumph, Pańka emphasised that he had been playing the game online and in the “real world" only really for a year. Playing Texas Hold 'em online paid off in this game against opponents in the real world, and thus young Pańka instead of looking for his first job like many of his peers, enjoys the status of millionaire.

Poker Without Leaving Home: Texas Hold 'em Online

If you're new to poker, playing on the internet is the perfect option for you. It's a great place to practice your skills, and to commit to memory the combinations of cards for this game. Do not wait any longer, log on to one of thousands of sites and start playing!

The game of Texas Hold 'em online does not require anything more than to turn on your computer, or even a tablet or phone. Practise in your free time on the internet, and the skills you gain will allow you to shine brightly in the real world.
What to Look Out For When Playing Online Poker?

After some time playing Texas Hold 'em, you will know what details to pay attention to. Playing online will help you to develop certain habits that are necessary in order to play at a high level.

poker onlineThe first hand is very often critical in poker online. Right at the beginning there may be high bets from players just starting out, who can afford the risk or "luring" opponents to play so that the high bets will make them unwilling to fold later in the game. See how your opponents play, explore their strengths and weaknesses. Consider whether a player is prone to bluffing or folds often, or perhaps rarely comes into play when the stakes are raised. With such information about the players, you can adjust your game accordingly, thus increasing your chance of winning.

Do not fold if you observe that players, upon stakes being raised to a high level, only check. You have nothing to lose in this situation. Perhaps it is due to the fact that none of the players has at this point a hand, or through the lucky fall of the cards on the table you will be the winner of the game.

Beware also of playing all-in, betting everything you have. This is usually a clear signal to the other players that you're either trying to recover earlier lost chips, or that you have a very strong hand. They will not participate in the game, and if you do in fact have a strong hand it is worth using it well. So, raise the stakes gradually, pulling your rivals into the game so they don’t want to fold because of the large pot on the table. In this way, your winnings may increase significantly.

But the most important thing is to practise your skills. If you do not turn on the computer and try your hand at Texas Hold 'em, you will miss your chance of winning. Spend some of your free time on this game, and the results will be visible immediately.

Try Your Hand Now!

Whether you want to play recreationally with friends, or to make money, Texas Hold 'em is a great way to spend free time and exercise your mind. Playing on the internet gives you the opportunity to learn the secrets of this discipline and enter the extraordinary world of poker. If you lose you will always know where you made a mistake, and internet players often help each other to improve tactics.
Texas Hold 'em poker is the perfect entertainment for anyone who wants to try it. See for yourself and play today!